Hello to you all. This newsletter includes updates about the practice and our team, mental health and well-being boosting ideas. 


Update on Kathleen Courtney

Our main office in Sarnia is now open again. This office is located on the third floor, 172 Cromwell Street, above the Downtown Market in Sarnia. We are monitoring the pandemic and adapting well.

I had an interesting spring and summer of providing service via phone, video and in-person via walk-and-talk or sitting somewhere in nature. Interestingly, there was not one rain day! I continue to offer service via video, phone. I am also available for appointments both indoors and outdoors. I continue to build my knowledge of body-focused therapy. I have a waitlist for new clients, and my doors are always open to returning clients. 


Update on Corrie Elliott

Corrie’s office is now prepped for the fall and winter months. As many of you know, her space is downtown Sarnia and just down the hall from our main office. It is located in the Canopy Wellness studio. Corrie is accepting clients. Her main focus is trauma processing and couples therapy. She just completed a high-level training in The Comprehensive Resource Model Basic Training. As always, she continues to grow and educate herself on trauma work and processing. Follow her on Instagram at @corrieelliottcounsellor.


Update on Erinn Bickle

Based in Whitby - Durham Region, Erinn Bickle is now offering remote services via telephone and video through the practice. She is accepting clients. Erinn provides acceptance and commitment therapy and assists clients with issues related to depression, anxiety, communication. Over the past several months, Erinn has developed an effective system for offering remote therapy. Erinn recently accepted a position in the counselling department at Trent University. Follow her at @erinnbicklepsychotherapy.


Learning About Mental Health

Learning more about mental health and wellness can help boost your well-being and bring forward new perspectives at this unusual time.


Here are a few ways that you can access more information.

  • Websites like Udemy have low-cost courses on stress management. Visit Udemy here.

  • Your local library has free access to courses about well-being, stress management and psychology. The library also has useful self-help and psychology books available. We recently learned that we can also request that the library orders a book of choice. We recommend considering this option. We would gladly call the library on your behalf, if you’d like.

  • Websites like Coursea offer free courses, such as the Science of Well-Being. This course is incredibly popular and we recommend it. Visit Coursera here.


Free Counselling Program Update - Susie Sioutis and Dina Deuzeman

When the pandemic hit, we started a free counselling program. This program is also here to stay. The counsellors who are currently on our team - Susie and Dina - both have full caseloads, and we now have a waitlist. In Spring 2021, a new counsellor will join. We expect that spaces will open before then; please do refer anyone in your network, or yourself to the free program, if you wish. Interested individuals may message us at office@healthcounselling.ca or text or phone 226 349 7937.


Mid-month Check-in

We’ve just passed the mid-month mark. A theme of this month - to some of us - has been tension and uncertainty; in other ways, it’s been about resilience, calm and patience. Here are three check-in ideas to help support you in the coming month.

1. What would need to happen - in the next couple of weeks - to help you feel a bit more satisfied with how you’re living and taking care?

2. What indicators can you/do you notice - thoughts, feelings and physical sensations - about what you may need, this week?

3. Which of your needs (e.g. sleep, tv time, exercise, together time/alone time, reading sessions) needs more attention?


Facebook and Instagram

You are welcome to follow us on social media, if you wish to read about tips and ideas about how to grow, feel good and heal. (As I’m sure you can understand, we cannot follow back.) We post about therapy topics, our team and info about the practice.

  • Follow Erinn Bickle at @erinnbicklepsychotherapy.

  • You can follow Corrie Elliott at @corrieelliottcounsellor.

  • Our username for both Facebook and Instagram is @healthcounsellingpractice.

  • Our east office Instagram is: @health.counselling.east.


As always, we hope you’re staying warm and keeping well at this time. We are here if you need any assistance or resource suggestions. Please do not hesitate to reach out.


Kathleen and the Health Counselling Team



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