Meet Leandra

I grew up having big dreams and believe that great things never come from our comfort zones. Travelling to a different country to pursue my studies and living away from family at a very young age made me strong, positive and confident. I found many hurdles in this journey, but have always learned and experienced that if life gives you one bad phase you will have hundreds of good phases after it. I’m currently studying Business Management. I have experience in the field of marketing for two years now. Currently, I am working in business and administration at Health Counselling. It’s a great opportunity to work with Kathleen and her team. Health Counselling is doing a great job in improving and shaping lives. It feels great to be a part of this team.




Health Counselling is a modern private practice. Everyone is welcome here. We offer health-focused, medically informed counselling and psychotherapy. 


We work at your pace to address challenging thoughts, feelings or actions that are getting in the way of healing, growing or feeling satisfied with your life. 


We specialize in therapy for people who struggle with any aspect of their health, whether mental, physical, emotional.


We also specialize in therapy for people who are navigating the social or psychological aspects of illness or changes in ability.


Based in Sarnia and Peterborugh, we support you in making long-lasting changes toward a healthier, more peaceful and meaningful life. 


Serving you in-office in Sarnia, Ontario and via telephone and secure video in Peterborugh, Ontario and across Canada. 

Sarnia and Peterborugh, ON

(226) 349-7937