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Based in Dover Center, ON

Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature, Minor Psychology (UWO), Personal Support Worker Certification (Fanshawe), Practical Nursing Program (ongoing | Lambton)

As Patient Care Coordinator and Operations Specialist, I’ll be assisting with triaging client inquiries and connecting you to a therapist that is right for your needs, in addition to managing some of the practice’s processes in the backend.

When you first come in, I'll be the one who asks a series of questions centered around what you hope to achieve with our team, if there is a support system in place to encourage this journey, and ways that you have approached your issues in the past that may have worked for you. This helps us understand your mindset and how we, as a practice, may be able to support you.

As a nursing student, I understand the need for confidentiality and care when receiving requests--I want you to feel a sense of comfort knowing that what you share with me in seeking out help with the Health Counselling team, stays with me and is only used to guide the process in selecting the right therapist for their needs.

When I am not working with the practice or making study notes, you’ll find me cooking up a storm, tackling renovation projects, hanging out with my dog, and zipping along somewhere on the 401 visiting family and friends.

I am the eldest of two adult siblings with significant development disabilities and that lived experience has certainly shaped who I am—parentification is a very impactful process on a young mind.


It is okay to feel vulnerable and uneasy about the process. I have utilized therapy in conjunction with medication before and can absolutely empathize with the journey that it takes to get help.  Do not be discouraged when progress is not always linear.

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