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Based in Kawartha Lakes, ON
Offers online therapy, video, telephone and e-therapy (for youth 12+ and adults)

Therapy can feel vulnerable, but it can also be fun and interesting.


As a therapist, I want to ensure we create a space where you feel heard, understood, and at ease. I’ve always felt that it’s important throughout the therapy process for you to have a chance to laugh and experience trust and comfort in our work together.


Long-term change requires finding the right fit, so I always try to remain flexible and let your personality, interests, motivation, and needs guide our work together. I meet you where you are; identifying your specific needs and addressing your goals in a way that works best for you.


My hope for you is to learn new techniques in managing your mental health and have an opportunity to view your concerns from a new perspective.


There are many ways we can take care of ourselves, but therapy requires some openness, honesty and trust. While I don’t expect this to develop in the first appointment, individuals should consider whether they are ready to be honest about their current concerns.


My Masters of Social Work prepared me for clinical psychotherapy, following an Honours Bachelor of Social Work and an Honours Bachelor of Psychology. I have a strong appreciation for evidence-based theories and use generalist-eclectic methodology in my work to meet individual needs.

I also recognize that each person I work with is different and enjoy working as a partnership to encourage growth.


I like to take different approaches to each situation based on a diverse range of theoretical frameworks (e.g.: CBT, ACT, Narrative, etc.) and I adapt approaches to best fit the values of each person I work with.


My main goal is to support your needs, so I ask those who work with me consider whether you are ready to make changes in your life and to be vulnerable throughout the therapy process.


Let’s figure out what balance therapy can bring for you and have some fun in process!




  • Coping with stress, anxiety, low mood and depression

  • Managing suicidal thoughts or self harm and safety

  • Making positive behavioural changes to meet goals

  • Developing goals and discovering values

  • Making healthy lifestyle changes and increasing mental wellness

  • Finding tools to manage social anxiety

  • Managing sleep challenges and building routine

  • Dealing with work issues and career counselling

  • Increasing mental and emotional awareness and understanding

  • Creating an informed, safe space for LGBTQ2S+ community

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectal Behavioural Therapy, Narrative Therapy



Following a thyroid disorder in my early 20’s, I became aware of how deeply connected our mental, emotional, and physical states are, and the importance of caring for ourselves holistically.


Understanding the relationship between my physical health and mental well-being has been a valuable journey for me.


Those that work with me can benefit from my tailored approach and know that we’ll prioritize your needs and goals in a holistic health approach.


Together, we’ll find a balance between self-care and positive-self talk; supporting you to move beyond the ‘should’s’ you tell yourself and towards a balanced self-acceptance.

“I like to incorporate fun, humour, and realistic life changes to meet the individual needs of each person I meet.”

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