We offer health-focused counselling for people navigating their wellness goals or their process of healing, growing and feeling better. We also provide a medically-informed approach to therapy to help people manage the psychological and social aspects of illness.

Serving individuals, couples, families and kids anywhere in Canada.


In-office or outdoors in Sarnia, ON and via secure video with therapists in

Sarnia-Lambton and Peterborough-Durham Region.


Individual therapy with Kathleen, Corrie or Erinn in-person or online

Couple, Child & Family

Child, couples and family therapy in-office or online with Corrie in Sarnia, Ontario

Phone and Online Video Counselling

Individual, couple and family therapy via secure video, online, from anywhere in Canada


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Kathleen Courtney

Practice Owner

Registered Psychotherapist, Health Therapist

BPAPM, M.Ed (Counselling Psychology), RP

Corrie Elliott

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

BA (Psychology), MA (Marriage and Family)

Erinn Bickle

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Mental Health Counsellor

BASc, BEd, MACP (Counselling Psychology)

Leandra Rebello, BMS

Business Management Student, Lambton College

Social Media and Business Specialist

BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies) 

Outdoor and nature sessions in Sarnia, ON

Online and telephone sessions with anyone in Canada

In-office sessions in Sarnia, ON

Online and telephone sessions with anyone in Canada

Based in Peterbrough - Durham Region

Online and telephone sessions with anyone in Canada

Based in Sarnia, ON 


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Health Counselling is a modern private practice. Everyone is welcome here. We offer health-focused, medically informed counselling and psychotherapy. 


We work at your pace to address challenging thoughts, feelings or actions that are getting in the way of healing, growing or feeling satisfied with your life. 


We specialize in therapy for people who struggle with any aspect of their health, whether mental, physical, emotional.


We also specialize in therapy for people who are navigating the social or psychological aspects of illness or changes in ability.


Based in Sarnia and Peterborugh, we support you in making long-lasting changes toward a healthier, more peaceful and meaningful life. 


Serving you in-office in Sarnia, Ontario and via telephone and secure video in Peterborugh, Ontario and across Canada. 

Sarnia and Peterborugh, ON


(226) 349-7937