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Based in Peterborough, ON
Offers video sessions and in-person counselling outdoors in Peterborough

Bachelor of Theology (B, Th) and Masters of Arts in Counselling and Psychology 

I am a person at ease with 'the grey', deeply understanding that there is no one way to live life. Instead, I am here to offer space and support as you explore who you want to be and what you want your life to look like. 

I hope, first and foremost, that during our time together, you feel safe and heard. Whether you are trying to heal or grow, who you are in this moment is valuable.

I use empathetic, trauma-informed, anti-oppressive approaches with a mix of interventions informed by CBT, DBT, ACT, solutions-focused, narrative, and internal family systems (IFS) therapies that will apply to your specific situation. I recognize that we are all uniquely complex and that your intersectional identities deserve to be celebrated and protected. Your uniqueness requires a unique approach that we will craft together.

What will be constants are my openness and respect. You can count on me to provide you with professional strategies, a personal understanding of some of life's hardships, collaboration, a bit of humour, and a safe space for your questions, feelings, and concerns. I am approachable and genuinely curious about who you are and what you think and feel!

As we work together, I would ask that you be sensitive to your own comfortability with the therapeutic process. I welcome your boundaries and concerns and will value feedback, as your input will allow me to support you in ways that matter most..

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Congratulations on beginning the hard process of recognizing your needs. You're doing it! I encourage you to continue to seek out multiple tools/supports that will help improve your holistic wellbeing. 

It is hard to heal and grow in the day-to-day environment! I hope our time in session can be a place, outside of your daily context, where you can explore your needs, your personhood, and your life experiences. Together, we can share ideas and strategies that can work with your lifestyle, values, and personal goals for healing and growth. 

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Personally, I am an imperfect, queer, artistic, spiritual, and ever-growing person. I love to paint, make music, try new recipes, and explore different forms of expression that connect us to each other and to ourselves.


The outdoors are a great arena for these activities, and I take comfort in knowing that we are all part of nature. 

Maya Angelou's quote, 'When you know better, do better.' is a foundational concept for life that guides my therapeutic process. Therapy is a space for us to talk about our past and the pieces of ourselves we recognize are in need of growth, while also nurturing a deep self-acceptance that ultimately drives change. No judgement here; to me, this is about self-knowledge!

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