Online Counselling

Benefits of Online Counselling

Online counselling through secure video is a growing way that therapy is offered. It allows you to log in from wherever you feel most comfortable and secure. If you are new to counselling, meeting online can be a positive first step to ease into the experience. Online counselling is a safe option to consider during the current pandemic. 

How to Book a Session

New and returning patients that live in Ontario can book through the online client portal  or by contacting the main office. When booking, select the service that's called 'online counselling.' 

How Video Therapy Works


New and returning clients can book an online session through the online booking system within the practice's client portal or by contacting the main office. Returning clients may also contact their therapist directly.


New clients who book a session online will receive a confirmation email from their therapist or office manager within 24 hours of booking.


If you book your session online on a weekend or a holiday, you may receive a confirmation email the next business day.


At the time of your appointment, you will log in to the secure, client portal to access your video session. You will require a username and password to log in. If you are new to online counselling at our practice, your therapist will provide you with your username and password prior to your appointment. 

If you have used our online booking system in the past, please note that the video sessions are hosted in the same client portal that hosts our online booking system.

After you log in to the client portal for your session, you will see your appointment listed on the left-hand side, under the heading 'sessions.' Click 'join.'

You can access the video session 30 minutes prior to your session start time.

When you enter the session, type in your display name and click 'begin.' Check your audio and video settings, then click 'accept.'

Then, your therapist will join you at your session time. 

If you have issues connecting, reach out to your therapist via email, text or phone. You can also call or text the practice main office at (226) 349-7937 or email

Our online sessions take place via the Owl Practice customer management system. Owl's video session feature is a legally-compliant, secure system that meets government and psychological service standards. 

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